This is an Open Source project, the source code is available on Github


  • Let a user select some text, then either highlight it or share it.
  • User's highlights would be indexed in a new “highlights” page.
  • On share, an OG image will be genrrated for quote. (low prio, probably a lot of edge cases)
  • From the highlights page the user will be able to navigate to the specific translation and chapter the highlight was taken from.
  • The shared highlight should have a query parameter that allows me to reconstruct the shared highlight for the user that visited it; then allow the user to save this specific highlight to their personal “highlights”.

Right now, I'm thinking on highligts consisting of a data structure with the translation code, chapter, initial character, last character. This way they're easy so serialize


  • ? How can I render a big selection when sharing?
  • ? How can I give a preview of the shared image to the user? is this important?
  • ? How do deal with overlapping highlights?
  • ? should “import & export” functionality be added for highlights?
  • ? should highlights belong to “lists”? so I could import a highlight list for studying a specific subject.

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